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Easily move: folding chairs, folding table, dish racks, coolers, etc

Can move inflatable bounce rides and tent canvases with the addition of the optional #1004 fender kit

Balances on its four wheels when tipped back so you do not carry any of the load

Aluminum & steel frame for strength and light weight

Full length aluminum product guides, fully support a stack of chairs, tables and dish racks

Ships UPS

Welded steel lower frame & handle, powder coat painted

Anodized alloy aluminum main frame hair stack guides, 60" (1'524 mm) long/high

Plated alloy spring steel forks to carry load 34" (864 mm) fork length

Forks are spaced 14 3/4" (374 mm) apart (center to center)

Width at main front wheels: 28" (711 mm)

Width at tilt axel back wheels: 21" (533 mm)

500 lb (227 kg) maximum capacity when load is centered 9"  (228 mm) from the main axle

10" (254 mm) diameter tires

Each wheel has two ball bearings

Available with air tires or solid urethane foam tires
Model #1022 Mongo Mover with four air tires         $550
Model #1027 Mongo Mover with four foam tires    $620
Slide the Mongo Mover underneath the load.  Step on the back axle and lean back.  Let your body weight do the work.  Even heavy stacks of chairs are easily tipped back.
The Mongo Mover will balance on its four wheels letting you put all your energy into moving the load.
Mongo Mover hand truck
moves: folding chairs, folding tables, tent canvases, inflatable bounce rides, dish catering racks...

Mongo Mover Options

Option: #1004 Fender Kit
Useful when carrying tent canvases or inflatable bounce rides to help prevent canvas from rubbing on front tires.

#1004 Fender Kit        $32

6 Wheel Upgrade Kit

Convert a 4 wheel (ten twenty series) Mongo Mover to six wheels.

Improves flotation over soft ground when carrying heavy loads.

Increases stability on uneven ground by widening the track.

37” wide at outside of wheels

Kit includes two wheels, a new longer front axle and all required hardware.

#1005 Air Tire Six Wheel Kit              $85

#1006 Foam Tire Six Wheel Kit         $125

#1011  Aluminum Mongo Plate           $150