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Deal Assoc. has been in business over 20 years and we have provided solutions to the party rental, portable restroom and bounce ride industry for over 15 years.  We are located in North Carolina and all but one of our products are proudly made here in the United States.

We manufacture the whole line of Mongo Mover hand trucks.  There are 28 different models available to move; portable restrooms, inflatable bounce rides, folding chairs, commercial dish racks, folding tables and more.

We also make the Chair-Pal chair pallet, the most durable stacking pallets for folding chairs in the industry.  And the Stack-Pal chair stacking spacer that allows you to stack and handle folding wooden chairs just like a normal folding chair.

Super Mongo Movers and Hitch Haulers for transporting and moving portable restrooms.

Portalbe Restrooms

Movers for inflatable bounce rides, tent canvases, obstacle courses and water slides

Inflatable Bounce Rides

Mongo Movers, chair pallets, chair stack covers & straps for folding chair & tables, dish racks and more.

Party Rental

Select your industry or what you need to move.

We help you move:
Tools and Product Handling Solutions
We don’t make or sell bounce rides, portable restrooms or folding chairs.  We make Mongo Mover hand trucks and other products to help you protect, store and move it all around.