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Super Mongo Mover
The hand truck for restrooms that WORKS!
6 wheels
8 wheels
How many wheels?
4 wheels
Four wheel models are great for around the yard where you have mostly firm ground or gravel and are moving restrooms that are empty.  It’s less expensive and lighter in weight than models having more tires.
6 wheels
Six wheel models are the most versatile.  They have tandem wheels on the front axle to help spread the weight of heavy or partially full restrooms and float better over soft or muddy ground.  If one front wheel goes over a hole there is another wheel next to it to carry the load so it often rolls easier and smoother, especially with a heavy load.  Great if you ever have a customer drag a restroom somewhere your pump truck’s hose can’t reach.
8 wheels
If you are in really soft & sloppy conditions consider an eight wheel model.  Each wheel adds weight and cost so this model is not for everyone but boy does it float over soft ground.
4 wheels

ships UPS

easily move portable restrooms and some hand washing stations

can carry ADA handicapped restrooms

one person operation

reduce operator injuries: the Super Mongo Mover carries all the weight of the restroom

reduces stress and wear on restrooms by picking them up and supporting them from the bottom

available with 4, 6 or 8 wheels

available with air tires or solid urethane foam tires

anodized aluminum frame rails for light weight and strength

welded main frame & handle, powder coat painted

adjustable handle height

82” (208 cm) tall when standing upright

35" (90 cm) wide at the wheels

48” (122 cm) long, removeable alloy spring steel forks to carry restroom, ends are fully rounded, plated for corrosion resistance

Forks are spaced 24” (61 cm) apart

500 pound maximum capacity
Model       Description                                                   Price       
#1532         Super Mongo Mover, four air tires              $790
#1533         Super Mongo Mover, six air tires                $870
#1534               Super Mongo Mover, eight air tires                                 $950
#1537         Super Mongo Mover, four foam tires         $830
#1538         Super Mongo Mover, six foam tires           $940
#1539               Super Mongo Mover, eight foam tires                             $1030
Air tire models are shown in blue.        Foam tire models are shown in green.
Models & Prices

carry ADA



Carry the Super Mongo Mover on the front or rear bumper of your truck.  

#1501  Tilt Strap   $10
Provides an extra hand hold for extra leverage.  Good for shorter or lighter weight operators.  Makes tipping back restrooms even easier.