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Stack-Pal chair stack spacers
The Stack-Pal chair spacers are mounted on the back side of folding wooden chairs, four per chair, to help them stack more easily allowing you to move & store folding wooden chairs more like a normal metal frame folding chair.  The Stack-Pal spaces the chairs apart to help prevent rubbing and the tab on the side helps stabilize the stack of chairs.

small and unobtrusive

permanently mount to back of chair legs with stainless steel screws (included)

help prevent chair damage

cut chair handling labor, no more individual bagging
Which Stack-Pal ?
The key is the width of your chair’s legs.  If they are 13/16” (.8125”, 20.6mm) or in width than use a four legged or H shaped spacer (#3400 or #3100).  If the legs of your chairs are wider than 13/16” (.8125”, 20.6mm)  use the T shaped #3410 spacers.
All spacers are sold in packs to do 25 chairs  and contain 100+ spacers and 100 stainless steel mounting screws.
Quantity    Price per Pack
1-14            $60
15-39          $55
40+             $52